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We are a group of girls who love Dominating both submissive men and women.
Our group continues to grow every month with new Mistresses joining our team.

We specialize in many forms of Domination. The site is divided into 3 areas of Domination niches:
Bondage & Bdsm, Sissy Maid & Feminization & Wet & Messy.

In each area we have Mistress POV's (point of view) galleries and videos. This is where us girls
Dominate You down the lens of the camera, whether it is whipping you, dressing you up as a sissy or throwing gunge, pies and food at you, you will feel as though you are sat right in front of us with our POV Video Domination pages.

Also, we have a Session Gallery and Video section, where you can be a fly-on-the-wall at our many real life dungeons. You can watch us Dominate slaves both Male and Female and watch us in session from the privacy of your own home. Again, we have Bondage & Rubber Sessions, Feminization and Sissy Sessions and Pie, Gunge & Messy Sessions. So choose your areas and watch us at work doing what we do best whether that's caning a slave in chains or rubber, dressing up some sissy in maid's dresses and makeup or throwing large amounts of gunge and pies over a helpless victim.

If you become a member you can email the mistresses and download all of the available content to your device to watch over and over as you wish.


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